What metals I use...

My metal is pure and raw just as nature intended. I don't plate, dip or coat the metal, unless it has been flame painted copper and needs to retain the color. Every piece is made from scratch by my two hands and stamped with my makers mark, the artist cheryl whitney-huebner.

Artist Quote “I take considerable care with each creation, fabricating every piece by my own hands infusing them with a little bit of my own soul”  

In its purest state, All metal, when it comes in contact with air and the oils of your skin, does darken, this is called patina. So aged or darkened metal is a natural process and it really depends on each individual person as to how long it will take before your piece will develop it's own aged look.

Here's a breakdown of the content in my metals: 

Recycled Sterling or Sterling Silver is nickel free, pure 100% sterling silver. Gold is 14K or 18K. Red brass or Nu Gold is 85% copper and 15% zinc. Copper is pure 100% copper. People can have allergies to so many metals. If it is a concern to you, I would suggest you research your allergic tendencies and know them well before making a purchase. I cannot be held responsible for allergic reactions to my products. Reach out to me prior to making a purchase if you want to know any additional information about any of the products I offer.

Peace, Love ⟴ Creativity